Saturday, August 29, 2009

Voyage of the Vikings, Day 36 - Homecoming

Keith is up at 4am, anxious to see our night approach to Boston, worried about visibility in a light rain.

Topsides at 4:30, coffee in hand. Didn't see anybody in the lounge, but a voice called out when I turned out the lights, saying it made it difficult to read. Rude Keith told him that there are numerous other lighted spaces to read by a window, but only one observation lounge. He apparently didn't know where to turn the lights back on, nor to engage in fisticuffs, so bad Keith prevailed.

Other early risers soon arrived, and we spent a glorious hour watching the lighted shoreline approach from the darkened Crow's Nest, whilst Mr. Grump continued to make nasty comments. Keith went out in the rain to take a few pictures, but they didn't turn out real well, as I am sure you can see.

Our Approach to Boston Harbor


Boston By The Dawn’s Early Light i.e.,

The New England Power Grid

Keith descended at 6, when we were firmly tied to the dock, to bring Kathy Coffee and to do the final packing. Up for breakfast at 7am. We have scheduled a 9:30 departure, to give Jennifer time for a decent sleep before arising to drive into Boston to pick us up. We hope we don't get tangled up in traffic from the Kennedy funeral. Our only remaining obligations before debarking are to finish breakfast, to go through shipboard customs, to collect all of our carry-on luggage from the stateroom, to cross the gangplank to the terminal, to find our checked luggage in a large pile, to exit the terminal building with carry-on and checked luggage in hand, and to find our Kindly driver, and Turo. Sounds simple, don't it?


A Leisurely Last Breakfast


The Perpetual Blogger Makes One Last Entry

at 7:30am, Eating and Waiting.

8:am announcement: "Please do not congregate in the stairways or around the gangway. It is creating a safety issue."

8:15am, and they are out of Danish. Outrageous!

10am, through customs and ashore, waiting for our Turo.


Walking the Gangplank, Exiting the Ship


Home At Last

10:15, in the car with all our luggage, glad to see our kids. Jennifer asked if we were glad to be on dry land. The answer is no, but we are glad to see her and Turo. In the best of all possible worlds, she and Turo, and the rest of the family, should re board for another 35 days on the high seas.

It would be nice to say that we are on the way home to relax for a few days, but family obligations intervene, so we are on our way to to Nancy's house for a family get together. Tomorrow we relax, and start editing out journals. Unless something comes up, that is...



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