Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Voyage of the Vikings, Day 32 - St. Anthony, Newfoundland

6am, 50deg., wind NW 9, sea calm, "steaming" SSW across the mouth of Belle Isle Straight and along the east coast of Newfoundland. I use the word "steaming" advisedly, as a traditional nautical term, although our propulsion is actually more modern diesel-electric.

Fall is approaching, with later sunrises and earlier sunsets. Sunrise today is 6:45 ship's time. The sky is just beginning to glow on the eastern horizon. It's a beautiful sight, with the nascent sunrise reflected from the lowering clouds.


Very Early Morning in the Crow’s Nest


Sunrise Over the Labrador Sea

Keith has sort of lost track of time, including clock time, as well as day of the week. That's one of the reasons to go on a journey like this. He thinks we are two hours ahead of Boston, but he is not sure. As an aid to the perplexed, the elevator carpets are changed daily to tell us the day of the week, and to keep us glued to the daily program.

6:45, we are approaching St. Anthony, and sunrise is upon us. Keith has been wondering if our intrepid captain will attempt to take this ark into the inner harbor.


Approaching St. Anthony, Newfoundland

7am - Not. We are dropping the hook just outside the inner harbor entrance. Good judgement! As with Red Bay, I am astonished how close we bring the bow inshore before letting go. The captain must have complete confidence in the capability of his azipods to keep us off the rocks all day.

We have been in port a couple of places with a Princess cruise ship. Keith has noticed that the Princess ship will anchor far enough out to swing, whereas our captain brings it in close, backs down to set the hook, then uses the azipods through the day to keep tension on the rode, and to kick the stern around as needed to maintain a constant heading. I believe he does this to maintain a stable, wind sheltered platform for the tenders, and to shorten the ride to shore. I guess Princess doesn't care so much.


Starboard Side Prop Wash From the Maasdam Azipods

9:45, still sitting in the Lido café, working a crossword and looking at the scenery. We contemplate going ashore, but definitely will wait for open tendering. We must be careful here, as the ship leaves on the early side (about 2:30?).


St. Anthony Lighthouse


Whale Watchers

Suddenly noon, after a late morning nap. We have been in St. Anthony on a Motorhome caravan with WIT three years ago, so decided not to get off the boat.

Keith had just a touch of the cruise crud this morning. Lunch seemed to help that problem. Keith ate a salad, to encourage regularity.


Kathy Puzzles Away the Morning


Kathy Protects Her New Voyage of the Vikings Shirt at Lunch

After lunch another nap, then up to hear the geologist talk about Newfoundland and Labrador. He spoke first about glaciations and it's effect on the local landscape, then about the Cod fisheries, which collapsed totally in the early 1990s.

Up to the Crows Nest at 3:30 to watch sail away. The weather is beautiful. Kathy is down below working in a puzzle. Keith is ready for bed already. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting journey.


Early Afternoon Sail Away

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