Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Voyage of the Vikings, Day 04-Bonne Bay, Newfoundland

Is it haze, or is it fog? Or is it thunder and lightning? It definitely was the later when it woke Keith at 5am. But that’s ok. Keith wanted to be early this morning, to watch our approach to Bonne Bay. In the haze and the rain.

Bonne Bay is a deep, fjiord-like inlet into the highlands of Gross Morne National Park. These highlands are a northern extension of the Applachian mountain chain. They exhibit the typical soft, wooded, well worn aspect that characterizes the entire chain.

Gros Morne means "brooding mountain". There is something almost spooky about approaching such a vista in a gloom, with lightning flashing in the background. I must say that the Crows Nest provides the perfect platform for viewing this scene!


Brooding Mountains

While cloudy, rainy weather may seem a downer to some, it somehow fits with the character of these hills, and almost seems to enhance the pleasure of the visit. Particularly since we hadn't planned to go ashore here, having explored the area with WIT in 2006.

We have very fond memories of our prior visit. On that trip we were fed and entertained at Bonne Bay by a local senior citizens group, who worked extremely hard to see that we campers had a good time. It was totally charming to have a group the age of our parents make utter fools of themselves, just to make us laugh. Lord, those seniors could dance!


A 2006 Photo of Gross Morne, With Sunshine


Approaching the Town of Bonne Bay

Port Map


Another Tender Port

Back to the room at 8:30, to find Kathy just arising. After a courteous wait, Keith lost patience and went alone to breakfast at 9. Kathy joined him about 15 minutes later. Why, you may ask, couldn't Keith wait another 15 minutes? Because Keith started waiting for breakfast at 6 o'clock, that's why.

Since we are on the topic of breakfast, this may be a good point to talk a bit about shipboard food. On the whole it's mostly good, but somewhat variable. Some stuff is really good, and other just so-so.

Every day (so far) the breakfast buffet has featured "fresh" fruit, excellent smoked salmon with onion, lemon & capers, as well as other standard breakfast fare such as bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, omlettes to order, toast, pastries, etc. Also offered are eggs benedict, floentine (benedict style but with spinach instead of meat), italian (marinara), scottish (eggs & salmon) and other variations on the eggs benedict theme. There also are cheese and cold cuts, as well as a curious mix of yogurt, raisins and oatmeal for those with a more European taste.


Eggs Benedict, Six Ways

After breakfast we relaxed with a good book & a cuppa until movie time for Kathy, at 11 . Keith went to the room & napped until luncheon at 1, followed by reading an composing (well, how did you think these got written?). Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

Mid afternoon was passed in the hot tub, then off to a lecture at 4. Birds and fishes of the North Atlantic. Then up to the Crows Nest to hear live music and view our departure from Bonne Bay. In 35 days we spend only one night in port, so there is a departure almost every day. Kathy has given Keith permission to view half of these departures, then eat in the cafeteria. On alternate days, we will spend the departure hour dining in the dining room. There is only one kitchen, so the same food is served both places, but sometimes Kathy likes to be waited on. And she deserves it.


Keith Relaxes in the Hot Tub.


Professional Hosts Dance With Single Ladies in the Crow’s Nest

After dinner it was off to bed, so Keith could arise early for our approach to Red Bay tomorrow morning.

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