Sunday, January 4, 2009

On The Road Again, and Some Retro-Posts




Happy New Year!

We are on the road again, and, for the first time in several months, we are finding time to Blog. We currently are in Rockport, Texas for a month on the Gulf of Mexico. More on Rockport in another post.

In the meantime, between September and December, we:


  • Spent time visiting grandchildren in Maryland and Massachusetts;
  • Camped several weeks on the Cape Cod Canal;
  • We (Keith) labored on home improvement projects;
  • We got married;
  • We entertained for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays;
  • Keith made a “Popsicle Stick Erector Set”;
  • We had an ice storm and a tree broke our roof (and bedroom ceiling).

A few representative photos from our fall escapades are provided below:



Mendon, Massachusetts Front Yard Campground



Bourne Scenic Park on the Cape Cod Canal



Halloween at Bourne Scenic Park



A New Chair Rail (One of Several Home Improvement Projects)

Note Rail Sample on Table



A Simple Truss Bridge Made From Popsicle Sticks



Things That Go Crash in the Night


We will be composing and retro-posting separate posts on the wedding, on Keith’s Erector Set, and on future travels.

Stay tuned!

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Sharon said...

I've been enjoying reading your blog. I would love to chat with you about how you chose your RV, and specifically its length, but I don't see any other way to communicate except with comments. My husband and I are undertaking a year of traveling and we're shopping for a fifth wheel right now. I found what seems like the "perfect" floor plan, except for its 35' (at least 3' longer than we initially wanted). Is it going to constrain our path too much when we travel throughout the country?