Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boulder City and Pahrump, NV

Where in the World are Keith and Kathy?

We arrived in Boulder City, Nevada on Thursday, March 13th . We camped at the local Elks Club, where they have a full service campground (electric, water, and sewer hookups) for a nominal fee of $15/night. Our first 5 days were spent recuperating from a nasty grippe that debilitated first Keith, and then Kathy.

Boulder City Elks Club

Boulder City is a very picturesque town of about 15,000 people. It was created as a Government town in the early thirties, to house construction workers from the nearby Boulder (Hoover) Dam. All sin was strictly prohibited, so on Friday nights the men drove the 30-odd miles to Las Vegas for their entertainment. As a consequence the Boulder Highway became know as the “widowmaker”.

While Boulder City was released from Federal control in the sixties, it remains an oasis from the sin that surrounds it. Casinos and bars are outlawed, although beer and wine may be purchased with a meal. Shopping and eating opportunities abound.

After recovering from the grippe, the majority of our time in Boulder City was spent taking care of tax preparation and other household business, and in exploring the gastronomic opportunities.

Kathy particularly enjoyed (while Keith tolerated) the somewhat pricey Boulder Bistro (food 3 COWS, Chardonnay 4). The Bistro is an upscale outdoor patio restaurant on Main Street in Boulder City. The menu is light and very different. Kathy had Cowboy salad while Keith had the Black and Blue sandwich. Another restaurant we particularly enjoyed was the Southwestern Diner. The tortilla soup there rated 4COWS.

We left Boulder and headed for Pahrump, Nevada on Monday, March 24. Pahrump is located about 60 miles west of Las Vegas.

Budding Joshua Tree Seen on the Road To Pahrump

Verizon Tree Seen on the Road to Pahrump

This is the Place

The last time we were in Pahrump was 8 years ago. At that time there was very little there except for 1 casino, a massage parlor and a huge billboard advertising a “Brothel Museum”. Well things have changed. There are now 4 casinos, numerous restaurants and many stores including a Super Walmart. They are even building a Home Depot!

Disclaimer: All and sundry please be advised that the all of the titillating photos in this post were taken and by Kathy, and represent her interests, not Keith’s.

Pahrump Gentlemans Club

In Pahrump we stayed at the “Pair-A-Dice” SKP Campground. It is one of the nicest campgrounds in the Escapee system of Co-Op Parks. The sites were large and well-kept, the people friendly and Keith and I decided it was a place we might like to winter in the future. There are now 159 people waiting to purchase a membership in this park. We put our name on the list and paid our deposit. We are now #160 on the list. The projected wait time is 6 years, which still gives us plenty of time to explore other winter destinations. In the meantime, Keith knows that his $1000 deposit will be well looked after. In the meantime, we are working hard to accomodate the extremely high gas prices ($3.89/gal). We shudder to think what it will be like in California, land of the designer gasoline.

Keith is Smiling In Spite of the Extreme Price of Gasoline

Billboard Seen in Background of Above Photo

Our next destination after Pahrump is eastern California, including Death Valley and the Owens Valley. We expect to arrive in Reno before 12 April, when Kathy flies east for a visit with her grandchildren. Stay tuned…

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