Tuesday, November 20, 2007

China Odyssey, Day 6 - Sanghai to Beijing

Day 6 - Shanghai
Tuesday Nov 20
Shanghai Museum and Flight to Beijing

Tuesday is our last day in Shanghai. Morning was a time to rest and repack for the flight to Beijing. After lunch we toured the Shanghai Museum, which is essentially a decorative arts museum. Kathy enjoyed the Museum. Keith enjoyed the Tea House. The bookstore was outstanding. We purchased children's books in Chinese with English translation.

Shanghai Museum

Our visit to Shanghai was a “pre-trip option” offered by OAT. We are very glad we decided to do the pre-trip. It has helped to acclimatize us to the Chinese food, customs and culture. It has also helped us to overcome the 11 hour difference in time zones. We have enjoyed Shanghai very much. Included below are a few street scenes which were taken in and around Shanghai.

Typical Shanghai Street Scene

Evidence of a Strong Chinese Prefernce for Clean Clothes

Chinese Home Depot

Check-in at the Shanghai airport was relatively easy because Scotty handled all the details. Unfortunately our flight was delayed 2 hours due to "flow congestion". Once on board it was a smooth flight where we were served a truly terrible airplane dinner and drinks without ice. Periodically the stewards and stewardesses would stand in a group at the front of the plane and bow while an announcement was made in Chinese. We were later told they were apologizing for our delay as well as service. They also gave each of us a free lottery ticket. No one won.

After a bit of confusion in the airport we connected with George who will be our guide for the remainder of our time in China. We rode about 1 hour to our hotel which is very nice. It is a step above our accommodations in Shanghai.

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